When you list an item on eBay, you are actually adding text & HTML to an existing webpage. As you learn to add pictures, borders and fancy stuff to your description, you will realize that you are creating a Mini-webpage. If you want to use the stuff from my Copy & Paste page, or my Tables page to make a webpage of your own, just follow the directions below. DO NOT use this with your eBay descriptions, eBay has already added this to their pages.

<TITLE>Document Title</TITLE>
Add this to the very top of your document,
then change "Document Title" to the name of your page. That is what will show up in your viewers bookmarks, and at the top of their browser when they view your page.

Add this to the very bottom of your document.


Inside the <BODY> tag listed above, you can set the color of the text, background and links for the entire page.
For example:
<BODY BGCOLOR="tan" TEXT="red" LINK="blue" VLINK="black">
Will give your page a tan background with red text, blue links and black visited links.

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